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 [Squad Application] xnipe

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PostSubject: [Squad Application] xnipe   4th June 2014, 9:09 pm

In Game Name: xnipe
Job: Marksman
Level: 205
Guild: WeLoveFred

Do you have any experience with bossing:
Plenty. Although most of my experience is fairly recent (post RED), boss runs up to and including Cygnus is now a regular occurrence (everything aside from CRA, CPB and of course Hard Magnus).

However, I have yet to take part in a successful CRA run, but I have attempted multiple times with various parties. A couple of fairly recent Chaos Pierre runs took its HP down past the point where it splits into 2 (both copies had ~15-20% left at the end). These runs were undertaken with the Lidium squad.

Why do you want to join our bossing squad:
Well, as you can probably guess from the  comment above, a main motivation is CRA. Naturally a main underlying goal for all of us is to access the late game content and improve our equipment further. But for me, the real driving force behind doing those bosses is to actually make use of some newly found damage (or rather, newly cubed equipment xD). Since the bug on marksman were fixed, my ranked dojo time is sitting at around 9 minutes. And rather than just satisfying myself with a number, something tangible from the work put in would be much more gratifying.

As well as this, I am pretty good good friends with Bella (belzibibi) from your guild, and also have several other Hestia members in my buddy list, namely jarlemann, Aceof and xGear2nd. From the interaction with members, I can see that you're a friendly bunch. The guys from Lidium are great, but since they're a Spanish/Portuguese speaking guild, it's difficult to really join in on many of their conversations. At the end of the day, we're playing to have some fun, and I think I'd be able to find that with you guys.

How did you find this site:
Well, in the many strolls around FM, I have seen the board being advertised on XxSasukex19's shop. Though naturally, this had caught my attention more due to being friends with Hestia members.

Tell something about yourself (IRL):
Well, I'm Jason, 22 years old and living in the UK. I'm in a transition period right now since I've just finished my Masters Degree in physics (my research this year was focused on nanoscale ferromagnetic films if anyone is interested). But in my years at university, I led a fairly active lifestyle. I joined the rowing club (and we take rowing very seriously here in Cambridge), as well as various martial arts dojos, though more as an enthusiast than a practitioner.

I'm also somewhat of an avid gamer, and I enjoy a broad range of genres. One of these is MMOs (mostly RPGs), though it does seem that MapleStory is the one I keep coming back to, mostly due to the friendships I've forged over the past 5 to 6 years.

And as you can probably see from the wall of text here, I am rather talkative Razz.
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PostSubject: Re: [Squad Application] xnipe   5th June 2014, 12:46 am

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[Squad Application] xnipe
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