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 Application Form

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PostSubject: Application Form   13th April 2012, 2:35 pm

Open a New Topic on Guild Application and write [Application] followed by your IG Name.
example: [Application] xVannii
Afterwards, Copy-Paste this Application Form into your Topic and fill it up.


-IG Name:
-IG Name of all other Characters you use/have:


-List of previous Guilds:
-Reason for Leaving/Being kicked from previous Guilds:

-How did you find our Forum?:
-Do you know any Member of Hestia?:
-Why do you want to join Hestia?:
-Have you read & understood the guild rules & are you willing to respect them?

-Any past/present history related to Hacks and/or Scams? Explain if so:
-How do you gain mesos / fund yourself?:
-How often do you play EMS?:
-What are your goals in EMS?:

-Tell us something about yourself:


Remember, the more effort you put into your Application the more we can take a proper idea of who/how you are.

Greetings, Vanessa


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Application Form
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