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 Qustom Application

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Posts : 3
Date of Registration : 2015-04-08

PostSubject: Qustom Application   9th April 2015, 1:39 pm

IG Name: Qustom (142)
-IG Name of all other Characters you use/have:
Qurious: Xenon (70)
Quteness: Angelic buster (70)
Qonfidence: Demon Slayer (40)
Quddles: Demon Avenger (50)
Qulture: Mercedes (70)
*FORGOT NAME*: Luminous (33)

(All accounts are only Link Mules, 3/6 have been leveled up to level 70.)

-Level: 142 currently
-Job:  Phantom
-Guild: N/a

-Name: Tyler
-Age: 19, 20 on the 27th
-Gender: Male
-Location: England

-List of previous Guilds: not applicable
-Reason for Leaving/Being kicked from previous Guilds:

-How did you find our Forum?: Browsing ingame guild search
-Do you know any Member of Hestia?: Not yet
-Why do you want to join Hestia?: I'd like to meet and make new friends, learn and progress through the game.

-Any past/present history related to Hacks and/or Scams? Explain if so: Nope
-How do you gain mesos / fund yourself?: Cubic blades, Juniper potions, Scrolls.
-How often do you play EMS?: Mon-fri: 7pm till 12am, weekends most of the time.
-What are your goals in EMS?: Reach end game gear without spending any more on NX.
I am also a League of legends player who stumbled upon this game through a professional player about 2 (3?) weeks ago. After signing up and reading that the majority of the game is quite 'Pay to win', I said challenge accepted but I bought some NX to get me some necessities to get me off the ground following a guide.
Purchased: Pet, Store Permit, character slots, some Etc. Slots and storage slots.
After that point I opted to see how far I can progress to 'end game' gear without spending any money on the game, upgrading all of my gear with cubes through the use of mules and similar.
I have 6 mules as of now which are used to boost my main account to make reaching endgame easier. It also means I have access to all the professions I need.

-Tell us something about yourself: Since I spoke about ingame, I guess some real lifefacts can't hurt! I love Anime, my favourite being Code Geass and I'm loving Naruto up to this point, I love almost all the music genres, I love chilling on Skype, teamspeak or raidcall. I work in payroll 5 days a week, I live at home, I am from Southampton in England but have lived in 11 different houses over nearly 20 years. I recently purchased a very powerful PC to run high end games, 1 week later I started playing maplestory. >_>

If you need to know anything else, feel free to ask! I'll be online when I get home from work tonight ~7pm.

Last edited by Qustom on 9th April 2015, 2:36 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Added more information about myself.)
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Hestia's Member

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Date of Registration : 2012-10-27
Age : 22
Location : Germany

PostSubject: Re: Qustom Application   9th April 2015, 4:17 pm

Try to come around Leafre Ch1 and have a Little Chat with us, so that we can make us a Picture of you

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Hestia's Jr. Leader

Posts : 706
Date of Registration : 2012-01-30
Age : 22
Location : Norway

PostSubject: Re: Qustom Application   9th April 2015, 7:37 pm

Hello Tyler and welcome to our forum.
Like Colouds already said, stop by Leafre sometime so we can have a chat ingame, I'll hold my vote until then.


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Posts : 3
Date of Registration : 2015-04-08

PostSubject: Re: Qustom Application   10th April 2015, 10:04 am

Thank you chuii and colouds. I stopped by for a bit yyesterday and met a couple of you guys which was nice but I had to quickly depart. Being new to the game I guess I dont really sit around too much & I hope that is not an issue! I would love to join some of you for a boss run some time to help me get to know you guys better. I should be able to get the RA quests done tonight! Can also do hilla and zakum. Not tried any other bosses yet.

I was also wondering if you do any sort of guild events where everyone gets together and does stuff as a large group or whether that's something not really done in maplestory.
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Hestia's Jr. Leader

Posts : 706
Date of Registration : 2012-01-30
Age : 22
Location : Norway

PostSubject: Re: Qustom Application   10th April 2015, 4:08 pm

For your last question, we always celebrate our anniversary that way. Set off the date, make plans for different stuff to do like quizzes, races, guild pic and different stuff. Sadly that is just once a year, but sometimes a few of us get together and do jump quests for fun.


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Posts : 8
Date of Registration : 2015-03-04

PostSubject: Re: Qustom Application   10th April 2015, 6:15 pm

Hey Tyler, i like the exitement of you. Also seeing that you started 3 weeks ago you made some nice progress. Still i would like to have a chat with you first, im almost everyday at leafre channel 1. Till then i hold my vote.
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Posts : 3
Date of Registration : 2015-04-08

PostSubject: Re: Qustom Application   18th April 2015, 1:53 pm

Hello Hestia,

I'd just like to request to have the thread closed / declined. I found a guild that may better suit me, and would like to apologize for wasting time of others! D:

I hope to still come & chill in Ch1 now and then, even though I didn't get to know anyone too well.

Thank you anyway!

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Hestia's Leader

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Date of Registration : 2012-01-30
Age : 23
Location : France, Paris

PostSubject: Re: Qustom Application   18th April 2015, 6:31 pm

Thanks for informing us Tyler. I wish you the best in your new guild!

Applicant withdrew
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PostSubject: Re: Qustom Application   

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Qustom Application
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