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 Pachiru application

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Date of Registration : 2015-05-10

PostSubject: Pachiru application   10th May 2015, 9:52 pm

IG: Pachiru; Level: 9X, Battle Mage

IG of other Chars: SnowTime 114 Phantom, Pichoo 83 Evan, Kisalla 25 Kanna - prob. only for Link Skill, Aerochoo 33 Mercedes only LS, Kisachoo Blaze Wizard 43 for LS, Deck Card and Cygnus Blessing Passive n_n

Age: 17, turning 18 on 16th

Gender: Male

Location: Germany, Munich n_n

List of previous Guilds: none

Reason for Leaving/Being kicked from previous Guilds: none

How did you find our Forum: Guildsearch in MS

Do you know any Member of Hestia: nope

Why do you want to join Hestia: because playing MS alone is really boring Very Happy  I always played MS now and then and have never really gotten into it ... (LV 110~ with my phantom) probably because I didnt know what to do or where to go. So I decided to search for a nice guild, which can lead one beginner, like me. And i wanna help new players, but to do so I need the help from a nice guild! n_n
So I lurked around the FM and saw some peeps who are members of Hestia so i got interested.

Any past/present history related Hacks and/or Scams? Explain if so: no
How do you gain mesos/fund yourself?: Well, the only thing I sold was Cubic Blades ... and that's it hehe ...
How often do you play EMS: When I'm not playing different games, most of time probably Very Happy
What are your goals in EMS?: Finally finding a nice guild to have fun and chat in MS! And reaching as BaM 250 and git gud range.
Tell us something about yourself:
I just really started playing MS about some days ago(caring about link skills, getting higher than 100~ xd)
So I'm really really shy and introvert. (That's why i usually don't find a guild in the first place ... too shy to apply ...). That also happens when i meet new people... i cant assess them and so I'm too shy to say something weird or cruel.  But when i get to know people well, then I talk alot n_n.
I'm currently doing an apprenticeship as IT system electronics technician/engineer (geez ... thats one rough 1:1 translation - dunno the english word T T).

My humor is super extrem exaggerated sarcastic and black. and contains alot malicious joy.
I love MLG parody montages. 8D

I'm obsessed with Pokemon and Stitch (Yes ... from Lilo & Stitch). I love everything which is small, cute, soft(dont wanna say fluffy - it sounds weird ... )and maybe has fur. For example Pandas, Raccoons, Tanukis, Red Pandas (IT'S NOT A PANDA, WHICH IS PAINTED RED), Cats, Cubs, Chibi-chains aaand Stitch.

My favourite Pokemons are:  Growlithe, Arcanine,  Totodile + final evolution, Cyndaquil + final evolution, Furret, Pichu, Pikachu, Azumarill,  Teddiursa, Poochyena, Mudkip, Spinda, Riolu, Cubchoo, Meowstic (Male) aaaaaand many more. (If anyone interested just ask me ; - ; )
Funfact: Yes, my name is from a Pokemon - No, it's not from Pachirisu. Alot of people think that but the truth is, it's related to the japanese Spinda name which is Pachiiru! Don't judge me `-´

But if I had to say my 5 favourites, It'd be: Pichu, Pikachi, Riolu, Cubchoo, Meowstic (Male)

The only game I play active is Elsword EU (DE/German to be specific), which is also from Nexon. I play it probably since the start (max level 26~) and probably 5-6 years? l0l. Besides playing Elsword i watch Anime (not all the time, every now and then when i find a really good one.) My favourite is Fairy Tail (watched all 180~ episodes but didnt start the 2nd season (Fairy Tail 2014)) and I watch ALOT Twitch Streams - PjSalt if u know what i mean Kappa.

I listen to almost everything cute/happy? can't really explain it buuut ... cheerful! guess thats the word ... I like Kpop, Jpop, Video games soundtrack (Ori and the blind forest ; - ; ), kitschy Disney Songs ... No, not Frozen D: (Cool shit like from Lilo & Stitch and Brother Bear), but I hate Hard Metal, Most Rap, Scream, Most dubstep - but some songs are nice with all the wub wub 8D.

Guess that's all ... ; - ; Maybeee, that I'm waiting for the BaM Revamp? BaM getting his Reaper Pet - its so cuuute ... well, in the end I just hope I'm not sounding too weird for you.

;A; From a scale 1 - 10 with 10 is the highest. How weird do I sound? Pls tell me. T T
Thank youuuuu  (this application is ridiculously long l0l) pls forgive ... 8(

BUT to quote Nessa: "Remember, the more effort you put into your Application the more we can take a proper idea of who/how you are." ; ~ ;
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Hestia's Member

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Date of Registration : 2014-12-23
Age : 23
Location : Sweden

PostSubject: Re: Pachiru application   10th May 2015, 11:20 pm

lol!  this guy, seems hilarious and i'd love to meet you when i get back in maple. Hestians are commonly found in the tropical town of Leafre ch1 so swing by and try n catch us all...yeah good luck with the app man ^_^
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Date of Registration : 2015-03-27
Age : 18
Location : Denmark

PostSubject: Re: Pachiru application   11th May 2015, 6:20 pm

you sound like a really great guy still i wanna get to know u a little bit better so come chat. i rate this 7 or 8 xD
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Age : 23
Location : France, Paris

PostSubject: Re: Pachiru application   20th May 2015, 1:10 am

Last visit : Wed 13 May - 18:36

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PostSubject: Re: Pachiru application   

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Pachiru application
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